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"Tea Time" brought my family together. Every night around 10:30pm our family would gather at my grandparents house for a pot of hot tea, talk, & have a bite or two of a pie, scone, or cookies that my Aunt Ruth made for that day. As a child; I had my own porcelain teacup with a teddy bear with a little demi teaspoon with a silver teddy bear to match my cup. It was mine, and it was special. As I grew older; I was the one who got to make the tea; with the instruction of my grandfather who taught me how to fill up the teapot with scalding hot water to warm the pot while I boiled the water for tea to make "the perfect pot of tea". It was a place where time stood still, the havoc  of an exhausting day melted away with each sip of tea, and the laughter and conversations took the place of the trouble in the world. I have always had  a little dream to open up a tea shop; to give it the same feel of a warm home, the love of tea, and for time to stand still and have special memories made over a simple cup of tea with the fellowship of friends, family, and dear ones. Hanna's Tea Times is just that... a place to relax, renew, and refresh your heart, mind, and soul.

Tea parties as a little girl...

Out of all our brothers, the five of us girls had to stick together. Tea at Aunt Ruth's house was strictly for us. Cousins and best friends; we had the best of times.

A birthday teddy bear tea...

"Teddy Bear Tea" was one of my favorite memories. It was my birthday party and everyone brought their favorite teddy bear to tea with them. The bears had a separate tea table of course to enjoy each other's company.

Wear your mother's dress tea..

I loved to dress up especially from the closets of my mother, and Aunt Ruth. This was especially fun when you used your little's girl's imagination and mixed  in your own creative ideas into your outfit.