. Welcome to Hanna's Tea Times
We are a retail of high quality teas, accessories, & gifts. High quality teas  that rank in the top 10% highest global quality & grade; imported from all over the world; from tea to teacup. Accouterments of high grade & quality &  for the classic afternoon tea experience. Signature catered tea parties that fit for every occasion & tea tasting events that are educational & fun. We make time for tea, friends, family & great memories. Come and visit Hanna's Tea Times at 327 Iron street, Negaunee, Michigan 49866.


327 Iron Street
Down-town Negaunee 
Michigan 49866

Hours ofOperation

Monday 11am-5pm
Tuesday 11am-4pm
Wednesday 11am-5pm
Thursday 11am-4pm
Friday 11am-5pm
Saturday 11am-4pm

A little about the shop...
"Tea time brought my family together at my grandparents' house almost every night. 

We gathered with a few teapots of hot brewed tea, cookies, scones, & other foods that we loved eating and just enjoyed a few laughs over the latest news, gossip & tidbits of the day.

 Those were very special memories I had while growing up. My  grand father has since passed away. I opened the shop in memory of our wonderful tea times together.

I want to help create good memories for others. Inspire those around me to discover not only the delicious quality teas there are in the world but to experience the little joys of taking time to spend with loved ones, family, & friends. Encouraging them to indulge in tea parties that bring harmony and enjoyment in our every day lives.

Hanna's Tea Times is a cozy little tea shop made with a big heart, fond memories, and bright hopes for the future."

Maryhanna Ockerman
Owner of Hanna's Tea Times 

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